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28th Oct Annual Autumn Meeting in Helsinki

12th Nov Field training in Sastamala

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Weimaraners are higly versatile hunting dogs. They are pointing dogs that, when well trained, will search the game bird, point it to mark it for the owner and after command flush to bird, and after shot they will retrieve the bird to the owner. Weimaraners are also excellent for waterfowl hunting, because they are usually very good retrivers from both: land and water. Weimaraners are used also for tracking large game, and for hunting of small beasts. Weimaraner way of searching the game is usually a bit slower, and narrower than for example: germanshorthaired pointers. Weimaraners also use more scenting while searching.

Weimaraners are also called ‘the Grey Ghost’, not only for the beautiful silvery grey fur they have, but also for the eyes that can be a bit intimidating light amber coloured, and because the weimaraners posses the ability to move soundly and fast, like a shadow. Weimaraner is a higly intelligent dog who needs lots of action, for both; mind and body. Because of his beauty, the Weimaraner can seem like a nice ‘decoration for ones home’, but this is could not be farther from the truth. Weimaraner is an athletic dog who has endless source of energy, and a Weimaraner who is not properly activated makes his own action by destroying the house or develops some other behaving problems.

Weimaraner needs proper training and lots of free running and action. Hunting strive is very strong, and most of Finnish Weimaraner‘s are used for hunting. Weimaraners have stronger watchdog instinct than other dogs from the FCI group 7 (pointing dogs). Weimaraner is also suitable for watchdog, but the weimaraner should not be aggressive.

Correctly trained and properly activated Weimaraner is loyal friend and a hunting companion, who worships his master and his family.