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Events Calender 2012

28th Oct Annual Autumn Meeting in Helsinki

12th Nov Field training in Sastamala

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Weimarinseisojakerho - Weimaraner Club of Finland ry was established 8th January 2005 and it co-operates with Saksanseisojakerho ry which is the official breed club for Weimaraners in Finland.

Main goal of the Club is to improve the use of Weimaraners in hunting. Club also aims to improve the breeding of purebred shorthaired and longhaired Weimaraners in Finland. To achieve these goals Club arranges trainings and other meetings for the members. In the future Club also plans to arrange hunting tests.

Weimarinseisojakerho informs the club members about different happenings and Weimaraner related news on these web pages and in WeimariWiesti magazine (published twice a year). To support it’s activities the club sells various Weimaraner products to the club members.

All Weimaraner fanciers are welcome to join the club!

kuva: Matti Arajärvi